Episode 3: Jim Estill

Episode 3 June 09, 2020 00:44:41
Episode 3: Jim Estill
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Episode 3: Jim Estill

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Today’s guest is Jim Estill. Jim is the president and CEO of Danby Products. Jim has invested in over 150 startups. He’s also known for his philanthropy, and particularly for being a well-known advocate during the Syrian refugee crisis. In today’s episode, you’ll learn more about Jim’s background and what drives him. Listen in to hear what Jim has to say about how he became an entrepreneur, how his thinking about leadership has shifted, and why philanthropy is so important to him.

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Jim Estill

Quotes From the Show

 “It’s just a very simple rule. Leave the room a little neater than when you came in.”

 “In the computer business, you do market research for a year, you’re going to be buying ten-megabyte hard drives.”

 “Your job is to take average people and make them above average.”

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