Episode 14: Blaise Vas

Episode 14 September 01, 2020 00:50:53
Episode 14: Blaise Vas
A Dealmaker's DNA with Ilan Jacobson
Episode 14: Blaise Vas

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Blaise Vas is the managing director of The Linen Cupboard Laundry. In today’s episode, you’ll hear about Blaise’s upbringing, how he came to Canada, and what he thinks about the DNA of the entrepreneur. Listen in to hear what Blaise has to say about the resourcefulness of his own parents and their influence on him, what it’s like to travel back and forth between Dubai and Canada, and when and how Blaise began to feel like an owner and take ownership of his business.

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Blaise Vas

 Quotes From the Show

 “Language is just a tool for you to learn about culture.”

 “Where other people see challenges, you see opportunity.”

 “I didn’t want to keep putting roots down in a country that may one day allow me to call myself an emirate.”

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