Episode 45: Steve Divitkos

January 11, 2022 00:35:58
Episode 45: Steve Divitkos
A Dealmaker's DNA with Ilan Jacobson
Episode 45: Steve Divitkos

Jan 11 2022 | 00:35:58


Show Notes

Are you running on autopilot? Do you know how to turn off the autopilot? Today’s guest says that people spend more time on autopilot than they’d like to think, and it can prevent them from getting on the right path. Listen in to this interview with Steve Divitkos, an entrepreneur and the former CEO of Microdea. In this episode, you’ll hear about how Steve views entrepreneurship, why introspection is so difficult, and what Steve did right and wrong as a new CEO.


Topics Discussed in This Episode


 Four exercises to help create a set of criteria against which to evaluate potential career paths:

  1. Codify your personal core values
  2. Identify what you're uniquely good at, what you enjoy doing and how you can get paid for it
  3. Define your WHY 
  4. What do you want people to say at your funeral


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Quotes From the Show


“The best definition of entrepreneurship that I’ve ever heard is the relentless pursuit for opportunity without regard or resources currently controlled.” 


“Maybe the better way to put it is I remember the moment where I decided I didn’t want to stay on the path that I was in.” 


“The concept that…was helpful for me, is this entire concept of being deliberate. Don’t just let life happen to you.” 


“I think being an entrepreneur, being a CEO, was the hardest thing that I have ever done in my entire life.”

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